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Monday 1st June saw the launch of public streaming of HBS programmes allowing patients with their own internet enabled device to listen in to the shows in stereo.

The audio stream will allow patients, relatives and others such as the ‘Beatson Cancer Charity’ (who have an internet radio in their drop-in centre) to be able to tune-in.


To coincide with the availability of HBS streaming programmes live, the website has been given a fresh new look and now includes options to listen directly.

The first bucket collection that we’ve ever held at Soar (Braehead) raised just over £600.

On the Saturday most of the collecting was done for us by the 3rd Williamwood Guides who helped raise more than half the money over the weekend.   The guides are pictured here with HBS member Norman Ross who arranged for them to help.

A number of the Guides are likely to be visiting the HBS studios in the coming months.

 A Soaring Success

At 3pm on Saturday 13th June, Jason Chu starts his marathon 24 hour fund-raising broadcast. He’s already sent out an event invitation via the HBS public facebook page and set up a donations page on everyclick.com.

HBS will be streaming on the internet so sponsors can listen in and not only that, Jason is planning on it being an interactive show with a video feed active at certain points during the programme.  To get more details of Jason’s event and also to share this with your friends as we approach the date, you can find the event link which includes the details of how to make donations on the facebook page.

24 Hour Marathon Fund-Raising Broadcast, 13th June

New Website and On-Line Streaming Launched

A grateful thanks to everyone who dropped some change into  our collecting buckets over the weekend of 9th and 10th May.  The donations no matter how small soon mount up and help towards the Service’s annual running costs.

Thank You to IKEA Shoppers

Since announcing earlier this year that we were going to invite guest Bingo Callers to help with the game on Thursday’s Open Line show, we’ve had a steady stream of people in the studio.

Some have been former members, others - like June and Joyce (pictured) from the Hospital Saturday Fund - represent groups that have supported HBS.  We’re also expecting to have a number of NHS staff join us to call the numbers once an article has been run in the NHSGGC Staff Magazine.

BINGO !!!!

After a decade of volunteering with HBS, Maureen McCollum, our oldest volunteer, has decided that it’s time to step down from her role which for many years was looking after the Sunday evening team.  Over the years, Maureen has supported dozens of volunteers and even spent a number of months on the receiving end of the programmes.

We’ll certainly miss her and wish her all the very best with the other volunteering activities that she’s still involved in.

Maureen McCollum 'Retires'

HBS presenter, Jason Chu decided to raise some vital funds for the radio station and at the same time raise funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity after one of his friends was diagnosed. The money raised is being split between the two organisations so Jason is hoping for some generous people.

Although there were lots of friends dropping in over the 24 hours to keep him company (and let him nip to the loo!!) For most of the time, Jason was at the helm.

If you want to make a donation, just go to the everyclick page http://www.everyclick.com/hbs24

Or why not keep up with things on facebook https://www.facebook.com/HBSGlasgow

Jason Chu Completes 24hr Sponsored Broadcast - 3pm 13th June to 3pm 14th June

The Board of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have advised us that they intend to roll-out the patient entertainment system which has just been installed into the newly opened South Glasgow University Hospital.

The intention is that in all the acute hospitals under the Board’s control, patients will have access to the same range of radio and TV channels, so they have requested that our programmes are carried by the new system now and will be heard more widely as the rollout process happens.  This development will mean that HBS shows can be heard on the bedside equipment in high quality stereo.

HBS Invited To Extend Programmes To SGUH

The finishing touches to the technical capability needed to provide our programmes to bedsides in Glasgow Royal are nearing completion with a green light from the NHS expected very soon.

Initially programmes are likely to only be heard on the Hospedia entertainment system installed in the Jubilee Building - which holds the units we formerly served at Canniesburn Hospital - but as the new bedside entertainment system is rolled-out, programmes should eventually be available at the bedsides in virtually all wards.

Of course, any patients who have a networked device (smart phone, tablet, ipod etc.) can already tune in to the programmes via the listen live options on this website.

Extension To Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Jubilee Building) Expected Soon

The National Lottery Awards For All fund has supported us once more, this time with much needed cash to allow us to improve the way that programmes are broadcast when our volunteers aren’t available to be in the studios.

Back in 2012, Awards for All was the first major funding source to donate money towards the new digital studios we were then hoping to install.  Their latest donation will enable us to run the specialised automation scheduling version of the software that the presenters now use in the studios for live programmes, meaning that all audio is only having to be maintained once and will significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to provide all-day programmes.

24-Hour Broadcasting - Funding Boost Makes Huge Difference

HBS Programme Director Peggy Mack had been short-listed as one of the 10 finalists for the coveted Hospital Radio Presenter of the Year (female) category.

The top three places will be revealed at this year’s Annual UK Hospital Radio Awards Dinner which is being held in Watford on Saturday March 19th as part of the annual conference.


Two years ago, HBS presenter Argyll Duffy won the Silver Prize in the same category so Peggy certainly has her sights set on beating this.  We’ll just need to wait an find out what the judges think.  The judging panel is drawn from professional broadcasters and healthcare professionals who are all looking for the person who relates best to the hospital listener.

Peggy Mack named one of the top 10 Hospital Radio Presenters in UK

Once again, HBS has been confirmed as one of the top 10 hospital radio stations in the country.  We’ve only entered the competition three times, being short-listed every time and having achieved a Bronze Award, a Silver Award and ???

Find out if we get a top 3 position again when the results are announced on the evening of Saturday March 19th.

On March 19th Peggy Mack was presented with the award for being the best presenter on hospital radio right across the UK.  Peggy was equally surprised and delighted to have been recognised by a panel of professional judges who were drawn from a group of people with both broadcasting and healthcare experience.

HBS was also announced as one of the top 5 hospital radio stations in the country.

Peggy and HBS Chairman, Niall Anderson are pictured receiving the award.

Peggy Mack named top hospital radio presenter in UK

Three New Presenters Take To The Air

David Smith

Monika Bienkowska

Spence Canniffe

We recently applied to the Sport Relief Community Cash Fund (one of Comic Relief’s UK charity support initiatives) to ask for funding to invest in equipment to allow us to move from using phone-line based link equipment to modern laptop connections.

Comic Relief Grant Donation

Now available to download is a song called "Take Some Time" written by former Beatson patient, Ronnie Thompson, and performed by well-known singer/songwriter, Alastair McDonald. Sadly, Ronnie passed away recently, so the song is dedicated to his memory. It was Ronnie's last wish that the song be published with the proceeds going to charity.

The song can be downloaded at the following links:




Proceeds will be shared between HBS and the Beatson Cancer Charity.

The new equipment gives crystal-clear sound and is only location-limited by the need to find a suitable WiFi hotspot or a strong mobile phone signal. Up to now, we had to connect to a physical phone line.

Before taking the equipment onto the wards to chat live with patients, we’ve been doing some tests from remote locations to see how well it works and can confirm the answer is  - ‘perfectly’.

Former HBS member Charles Nove who volunteered in the 1970s before joining the BBC came back at the end of June to celebrate the 40th anniversary of being a volunteer.

After a number of years at HBS, he then joined the BBC, launching a career which saw him part of the incredibly successful ‘Wake up to Wogan’ team at Radio 2, the voice of Come Dancing and these days part of the National Lottery team.

He came back to present the Open Line request programme for one night only and is seen here with some of the current volunteering team.

Charles Nove ‘comes home’

It’s taking a very long time, but we now seem to be getting close to the day when our broadcasts will be able to be heard on the bedside entertainment system at the QEUH.

The cable between our studios in the city centre and the hospital has been installed and we’ve got the audio processing equipment that we need to get the sound from the studios to the site.  The only thing missing now is a small interface unit to take our programme audio and convert it so the hi-tech bedside entertainment equipment can play it to the patients.  The NHS team have said that the order has been placed for this ‘missing link’.

In the meantime, patients can still listen to our Streaming Service

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (update)

A big thank you to everyone who donated a few coins (and even some notes) at our collection at IKEA on 25th / 26th June where we raised the very impressive sum of £823.43.  This follows relatively soon after the collection we had at Braehead Shopping Centre at the start of the month which saw over £1,000 donated.   

Although these sums might sound quite a lot, the reality is that with no space for us to be accommodated at a hospital site, we have to commercially rent premises and pay all the associated charges too, so it costs over £15K per year for the Service to operate.

Thank You for your generous donations

If you would like to volunteer a few hours to help at a future bucket collection, just click HERE for more details