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Thank you for choosing the tracks for ‘Your Show’

HBS doesn’t receive any statutory funding, so each year our team of volunteers needs the support of people like you to help us raise all the funds needed to broadcast our programmes.  Every year we need to pay; property rental, power and phone charges, broadcasting licence fees, admin costs, equipment renewals and lots more too.

Thank you in advance for your financial support, every donation, no matter how small all help to pay the costs and keep us on-air and playing favourite songs for patients, which we’ve been doing since Christmas Day 1970.

Deposit your donation using the link to our PayPal account below.

 - You can make payment directly from your own PayPal account or by any of the major Credit / Debit cards.

 - Then email/send the completed show form with your 15 chosen tracks to us at Yourshow@hbs.org.uk or the studio     address (see Contact page)

PayPal Logo