There's a number of ways to listen to The Hospital Broadcasting Service (HBS), and most of them don't involve being in hospital.

Since you're on the website already, click on the play button ▶ on the player at the top of the page.

You can also listen through the TuneIn website or app; the app is great for listening on the go, just be wary of using your mobile data if you're not connected to a network. You can also listen online on Radio Garden.


Most hospitals operated by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GGC) have free patient Wi-Fi available for patients and visitors to use. Once connected to the Wi-Fi you can listen to HBS using any of the means described above. Some hospital sites also have a direct connection to listen to HBS if you so choose.


If you are an inpatient at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, you can use the Lincor bedside system to enjoy HBS.

1. Power on the system, or select the Home icon if it's on already;

2. From the main menu, select the Entertainment option;

3. In the Entertainment menu, select the Listen to Radio option;

4. Select the Channel List icon near the bottom-left of the screen;

5. Select the HBS logo.

Like most hospitals operated by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, QEUH has free Wi-Fi available for patients to use. You can listen to HBS using a computer, tablet or smartphone using the player at the top of the page or the links above.

Remember that if your device is using a mobile data network then charges may apply.